Ecotariums after the Collapse of Nature

The Future North Ecotarium project is based on the premise that within the next hundred years our climate will be irreversible altered. Massive migrations of urban populations will move north to escape severe flooding and increased temperatures. Area inside the Artic regions will warm up significantly, making their occupation newly desirable. Real Estate values will shift to privilege northern climates that formerly had almost no human inhabitants. To underscore the intensity of such a global shift, we have moved entire cities. The reality of hundreds of millions of people relocating their respective centers of culture, business, and life is almost incomprehensible. We anticipate this polemical representation will impact our perception of tomorrow.

The aspiration is to create and program an Ecotarium that makes a true spectacle of ecology.  Making ecologies visible in design technology and practice is vastly significant. The Ecotarium should cultivate investigations within the forms of nature to retrieve the wisdom in mosaics, connectivity, biodiversity, patches, matrices and etc.  The first signal of humanist intent is our complex ensemble of design.  Any well designed edifice demands a supposition of possibilities and interpretations.  The Ecotarium design seeks a genius loci revealed in both the struggle and the fellowship of numerous augmented assemblies. This Ecotarium qualifies and disseminates such practices. 

This is intended to be a movie installation as a propaganda piece about global warming. How can we impact our current value system? What does it take to visually communicate the loss of urban space? We need to understand the consequences of our lifestyles. Instead of preaching destruction, we choose to humorously convey the impossible.

Credits: Mitchell Joachim, Melanie Fessel, Jane Marsching, Makoto Okazaki, Maria Aiolova, Dan O'Connor

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