Climatic Wasps for Ambient Information Display.

Polystyrene Illuminations: Micro Actors and Agents in the city.

The workshop of Terreform ONE, Mitchell Joachim and Melanie Fessel, for the Architektursommer Rhein-Main 2011 rethinks and up-cycles what the city of Darmstadt throws away permanently. They produce tons of urban e-waste on a daily basis. The ubiquity of packaging material is being repurposed and reassembled into creatures who display ambient information within the city scape. Utilizing everyday objects that we are familiar with and changing them to interact with the urban environment provides an agent for active change. The Polystyrene wasps will reassemble awareness for our sensorial experience within the city scape. A large portion of this waste is the packing material itself.  Terreform uses these discarded elements to architecturally sketch figures and follies. By structurally joining the packing material we bring a kind of eerie creature to fruition.  Each object is intended to communicate appropriate information about the energy and ecological balance of an urban site by additional light color coding.

Das Projekt von Terreform lenkt den Blick auf das, was wir permanent wegwerfen. Täglich produzieren wir Tonnen von Abfall und sind dabei selbst in der Lage Einfluss auf diese Entwicklung zu nehmen. Terreform One baut daraus Figuren und Elemente. Die Zusammenfügung der Verpackungen bringt vertraute, aber auch gespenstische Kreaturen hervor, die mit entsprechender Farbgebung und Codierung Informationen über die Energie- und Ökobilanz des Ortes mitteilen sollen.

Workshop Architektursommer Rhein-Main, June 2011

Credit: Mitchell Joachim, Melanie Fessel

Special Thanks: Oliver Langbein, Katharina Möbus, TU Darmstadt, Adeline Seidel, Elke Knöß-Grillitsch, Peanutz, Rosa Kopp, Raumlabor, Muf Architecture, Janser, Castorina & Koller.

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