Urbaneering Utopia

A New Profession for the Design of Cities

Who is the primary authority in the making of utopia or any extraordinary future city?  An Urbaneer is a burgeoning discipline based on urban design that can negotiate the complex mix of technology, theory and practice that embraces the re-invention of the city to exceed the needs of the planet.  Today, this nascent interdisciplinary field is in a state of radical development.

Sparks of utopian reflection throughout human history have been indispensable in evolved societies. Utopias, for the most part, are a necessary paradigm.  Utopias display maximal solutions to existing real world problems.  They tackle upheaval with orderly retribution.  In nearly all variations, Utopias are deliberately excessive. They overshoot the answer to a crisis to accentuate the problem.

Terreform ONE + ONE Lab

Mitchell Joachim Ph.D., Maria Aiolova, Melanie Fessel

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