Urbanity and Ideation for the Future City

Prescience is by definition a view, concept, or anticipation of events which evolves beyond any given existing boundaries. This notion may be interpreted in many different ways, each foregrounding particular ideations and processes describing the next event.  Here in America, we need these radical new insights to assist in solving our current global calamity.  As of now, the earth’s climate suffers from an unremitting state of trauma.  We require precise prescriptions that cover a wide scope to alter this massive dilemma.  To paraphrase JFK said;: “If man created problems, man can solve them.”  It is not only deciphering our ecological issues but returning to a system of perpetuity.  This future vision unfolds a truly breathing interconnected metabolic urbanism. How does it reify from statistics to architectural form?  What does the future look like for America’s cities?

America is the lead creator of waste and consumer of fossil fuels on the earth.  We make approximately 30% of the world's trash and toss out 0.8 tons per U.S. citizen per year.  Ungracefully, our American value system is somewhat distressed.  Value has devolved into feats of rampant affluenza and mega products scaled for super-sized franchise brands, big box retail, XXXL jumbo paraphernalia, etc., encapsulating a joint race for ubiquity and instantaneity in the U.S. mindset.  Where does it all end up?  Gertrude Stein pointed out: “Away has gone away”.  The first step we must take is reduction; a massive discontinuation of objects designed for obsolescence.  Then we need a radical reuse plan.  Our wastefulness is immense, what is our action plan?

We foresee strategies for people to fit symbiotically into their natural surrounds.  To achieve this, all things possible are considered.  We design the scooters, cars, trains, blimps, as well as the streets, parks, open spaces, cultural districts, civic centers, business hubs that comprise the future metropolis.  For centuries cities have been designed to accommodate the drama of our human will.  We have joined the ranks of delivering a new sense of the city, one that privileges the drama of nature over anthropocentric whims.  We are constantly vying for a profound clairvoyant perspective. We desire to preview a likeness of our collective future yet untold.

Our foresight views ecological design not only as a philosophy that inspires visions of sustainability but also a focused scientific endeavor. The mission is to ascertain the consequences of fitting a project within our natural environment. Solutions are derived from numerous examples; living material habitats, climatic tall building clusters, and mobility technologies.  These design iterations succeed as having activated ecology both as a productive symbol and an evolved artifact.  Current research attempts to establish new forms of design knowledge and new processes of practice at the interface of design, computer science, structural engineering, and biology.

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