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We no longer map territories, but territories map us. Architecture and urban planning disciplines have to be negotiated in the context of an increasingly globalized world, where immeasurable human impressions are so complexly woven, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain a distinction between nature, culture and the built environment. Fragmented exceptions defined as geographically autonomous zones of extraterritoriality disseminate these interacted figures. What are the unconditional opportunities that lie within these confined processes?

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The emergence of citizen biotech must be seen within the broader context of advanced technologies becoming ever more readily available to individuals and groups. With that availability, comes an enhanced opportunity to develop new ideas. Applying the tools of synthetic biology, alongside other biological disciplines, such as microbiology and medical tissue engineering, will allow us to create products that are 100% organic, with minimal waste and energy expenditure. Our aim is to use grown materials to reshape the way people think about manufacturing products and genetic engineering.

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Sparks of utopian reflection throughout human history have been indispensable in evolved societies. Utopias, for the most part, are a necessary paradigm. Utopias display maximal solutions to existing real world problems. They tackle upheaval with orderly retribution. In nearly all variations, Utopias are deliberately excessive. They overshoot the answer to a crisis to accentuate the problem. Urban Ecologies undertake a diverse range of projects as a prescription for maximal design. It practices totalized schemes that rethink all scales of involvement from the doorknob to the democracy.

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